San Francisco, CA, USA



In a time when JavaScript became one of the most influential languages on both the client and server side of things, Douglas wrote the book about it. He also wrote JSLint, JSMin and probably all the other tools from your JavaScript toolbox as well!

He currently works at PayPal and in the right mood he can be quite a web iconoclast. Make sure to ask him about the DOM. Oh and while you are at it, please ask why JSON has no comments!

Drink the JS cool-aid with Douglas in Hamburg, this summer!

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

Jina Bolton


The Order welcomes Jina!

Saying that she had seen it all comes close to an understatement. Jina worked for Apple, Engine Yard, Do and Salesforce. Besides that she runs Team Sass Design and The Mixin SF, the local Sass Meetup.

Jina co-authored and edited several books, loves coffee, Batman and cats!

Meet her in Hamburg, this summer!


San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA


Postgres savant

The Order is stoked to have Will, a So Coded Urgestein, back for this years gathering!

Responsible to make your Heroku database work like a charm, Will is a Postgres savant. Besides that he runs the, hands down, best website of the planet and has some other pretty genius ideas, too.

Welcome Will back in Hamburg, this summer!


Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne, France

Anthony Eden

DNS Sorcerer

Anthony is the founder of DNSimple and our favorite Erlang/DNS hacker of all times!

He breaks stuff since 5 years at DNSimple, writes tons of open source software in Go, Ruby and Erlang and beyond everything else is just a top notch speaker!

Come and hang out with Anthony in Hamburg, this summer!

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

Rachel Myers

Rails Bridge BuildeR

Rachel studied philosophy but then decided that being a programmer is her real passion.

She works at GitHub, building an internal mail client that helps the awesome GitHub support people. When not busy with that she is one of the organizers of RailsBridge.

Meet Rachel at So Coded this summer!

Portland, OR, USA

Portland, OR, USA

Brian Shirai


Señor Brian Shirai the man behind Rubinius and brought RubySpec to life.

When Brian is not hacking on Rubinius (the truly concurrent Ruby alternative) he is working at Enova International or dreaming about the future.

Hang out with Brian this Summer in Hamburg!

Elst, Netherlands

Elst, Netherlands

Daan                 van Berkel

Math Master

Daan is a dutch software craftsman tinkering with JavaScript and all kind of new technology. 

He loves solving hard math problems while drawing the Mona Lisa. When this is not challenging enough he is exploring new challenges to solve with Clojure or organising the Joy of Coding.

Daan will travel to Hamburg this summer to hang out with you!

New Zealand

New Zealand

Hannah Schickedanz

Digital Nomad

Hannah is a digital artist and creative mind from from New Zealand.

She spend a few years living in Hamburg but returned to New Zealand to work and live from an old school bus, pioneering a new way of working.

Look forward to meet Hannah this summer in Hamburg!

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

David Cuartielles

Hardware MAGE

David is a true jack of all trades! He is Assistant Professor for Interactive Design at the Malmö University, educator, TEDx speaker, researcher, author and Co-Founder of the Arduino project!

We are proud to have him with us this summer and hear from him about the future of connected things and how we can hack them.

It's going to be a blast to have you in Hamburg!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Vu                       BUI

Wizard of the blocks

Vu is a photographer, filmmaker, traveler and because that is not enough to fill his days he also is COO at Minecraft creator Mojang.

As an original jack of all trades he does not only run Minecraft's educational efforts but also the business development side and functions as a fellow conference organizer for Minecon.

Make sure to get your ticket to hear some stories from this crazy busy fella. Meet Vu in Hamburg this summer!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Laurel RaffingtoN

Diversity Knight

Laurel is a psychology researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

Together with her husband Jermain she produces the web video series, for which they traveled through Germany to speak to successful black Germans about the past, present, and future of identity and racism.

With Laurel we are proud to have someone on board who's experienced in creating awareness around the topic of building diverse communities.

Kraków, Poland

Kraków, Poland

Michał    Taszycki

Old School Monk

Michal used to be a Software Developer focusing on web and mobile technologies, as well as AAA game development where he helped to deliver one of the first games on PS3 - Motorstorm and a PC port of Xbox360 game - Saints Row 2.

He runs Creative Mind and is passionate about programming ancient computers while teaching others how to do it at

London, UK

London, UK

peter eszenyi                

Wizard of the polygons

Peter works as Head of 3D at the London based Territory Studio. He worked on one or two blockbusters you might have heard about ;)

His latest work on the screen design in Marvel's Avengers "Age of Ultron" is one of the coolest interface design we have seen in a while and we are super happy to have him in Hamburg to tell us a little more about it.

Make sure to stop by and talk shop about your latest design adventures with Peter!

Grab your ticket and meet him in Hamburg, this summer