it's time to reveal a little more of what So Coded brings you this July. First we are very proud to have won betahaus Hamburg, as a co-organizer of this years edition. betahaus is one of Hamburg's oldest co-working spaces and goes way beyond providing desks to the digital nomads. With it's fantastic team it has grown to an active hub of the Hamburg start-up scene.

Located at Eifflerstraße 43 we are happy to not only have found a mere space for some additional programming during So Coded week. Way more importantly we found a partner that supports us and helps making So Coded 2015 an event to be remembered. So say hi to Lars, Anne, Alina, Alfonso and all the great people at betahaus 👋 and stay tuned for some exciting updates from them!

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Brian has long been one of the main drivers of the Rubinius project. He thinks a lot about the future of Ruby, maintained the RubySpec project for a long time made the Rubinius project ready for the way ahead (See this v e r y long series of very interesting blog posts).

But Brian's interest stretches far beyond Ruby and involves things like: "What will programming languages look like tomorrow?". We are very happy to have Brian at So Coded this year and will press him hard to come up with some good ideas for this and other questions.

Be ready to say hi to Brian, too and get your ticket today ;)

See you all in July!

Julia, Ole and Thorben