Douglas Crockford, the COO of Minecraft and a Co-Founder of Arduino meet in a church

So Coded will open it's doors again in two weeks to welcome the web's finest heads in Hamburg, Germany to talk shop, share ideas and enjoy a very good time together.

Organized by a group of friends, So Coded is a diverse web conference with topics ranging from technical insights to reflections on our own community. This year we are more than excited to bring you international top speakers including:

  • Douglas Crockford, author of "Java Script The Good Parts"
  • David Cuartielles, Co-Founder of Arduino
  • Rachel Myers, Co-Founder of Rails Bridge
  • Vu Bui, COO of Minecraft creator mojang
  • Peter Eszenyi, UX/Interface designer for Hollywood blockbusters like "The Avengers" or "Guardians of the Galaxy"
  • Jina Bolton, Ex-Apple, Ex-GitHub designer, now at Salesforce
  • Anthony Eden, DNSimple founder
  • Brian Shirai, "The Rubinius guy"

and much more. Make sure to check out our Speakers page.

At So Coded it is all about the hallway track. That is why all our talks are just 30 minutes long and followed by a 30 minute break to mingle ask all your questions face to face. We are a cosy conference so no there will be lots of opportunities to talk to all the attendees and speakers. Even better of course with fresh coffee, fine drinks and food as well as live music and hacking events.

All of that set in a beautiful 150 year old church in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. After a big fire, the church building is run by a non-profit nowadays and presents a unique example of multicultural life in the city. All profits are going to the preservation of the iconic building as well as a local charity that supports the home less finding a new place to live.

Find more details at our Location page.

We are excited to open our gates soon and create two very special days for our community here in Hamburg.

Julia, Ole & Thorben

Spoiler alert: So Coded venue finally revealed


Spoiler alert: So Coded venue finally revealed

Dear fellow monks,

a unique conference deserves a special venue. And it took us quite some time to find one for this year's So Coded. Considering the many options Hamburg has to offer, we scouted lots of them and toured well known locations as well as some hidden gems. None of the venues got us really excited and we were starting to worry if we would find the place we were looking for in time. But on some day in March we set foot in what is to become our gathering place in a coupld of weeks and were blown away immediately!

Without any further ado: So Coded 2015 will take place at the "Kulturkirche Altona".



Call For Hacks

Hey fellows,

So Coded is known for it's combination of insane love to all the small details and our deep roots in hacking, building and coding.

In 2013 our hackable slot car track and schedule printer drew a lot of attention and our attendees had so much fun playing around with it. We even ended up with leap motion fueled gesture controlled slot car and the schedule printer printed non-stop with all the folks trying to break into our API.

This year we will do things a little different and involve you from day one!

David Cuartielles - Speaker at So Coded and Co-Founder of Arduino

David Cuartielles - Speaker at So Coded and Co-Founder of Arduino

Together with the latest addition of David Cuartielles (co-founder of the Arduino project) as one of our keynote speakers, we are inviting the hacker community for our very first…

Call for Hacks

Here is the deal: Send us your craziest hack project ideas, build them and show them at So Coded 2015. Sky is the limit to your ideas and we will award the two best ideas with 2 x 2 tickets to So Coded and every submission gets a 100€ tickets discount.

Our process is basically "no process" :) Just sketch up the idea and shoot us a mail to

We are looking forward to see what you crazy folks come up with!

See you all in Hamburg,




Say hi to our first round of sponsor!

Since our first edition in 2013 we have been blessed to work with incredible people, partners, friends and sponsors. It's time to lift the curtain and present our first round of sponsors for So Coded 2015!

Undisputed foosball champion and true Hamburg digital Urgestein, mindmatters develops digital products for and with its clients. Based in Hamburg Altona we are looking forward to host the mind-monks this Summer just around the corner as a So Coded partner and sponsor. Thanks so much!

Travis CI is there to make sure your deployments go well and your build never break, or at least you will notice right away. Travis has been one of the first continuous testing, deployment and build platforms in the world with a kick ass team. Thank you Travis for being part of So Coded!

Having been an amazing supporter for us in 2013 we are more than happy to have our friends from GitHub back on board as sponsors of So Coded 2015.

GitHub, home of open source and the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over eight million people use GitHub to build amazing things together.



Hellooo betahaus and welcome Brian Shirai



it's time to reveal a little more of what So Coded brings you this July. First we are very proud to have won betahaus Hamburg, as a co-organizer of this years edition. betahaus is one of Hamburg's oldest co-working spaces and goes way beyond providing desks to the digital nomads. With it's fantastic team it has grown to an active hub of the Hamburg start-up scene.

Located at Eifflerstraße 43 we are happy to not only have found a mere space for some additional programming during So Coded week. Way more importantly we found a partner that supports us and helps making So Coded 2015 an event to be remembered. So say hi to Lars, Anne, Alina, Alfonso and all the great people at betahaus 👋 and stay tuned for some exciting updates from them!

Next up:



Brian has long been one of the main drivers of the Rubinius project. He thinks a lot about the future of Ruby, maintained the RubySpec project for a long time made the Rubinius project ready for the way ahead (See this v e r y long series of very interesting blog posts).

But Brian's interest stretches far beyond Ruby and involves things like: "What will programming languages look like tomorrow?". We are very happy to have Brian at So Coded this year and will press him hard to come up with some good ideas for this and other questions.

Be ready to say hi to Brian, too and get your ticket today ;)

See you all in July!

Julia, Ole and Thorben



One Week Left To Save On Early Bird Tickets / New Speaker!


with just one week left before our early bird discount runs out it is about time to get your ticket now! Early Bird tickets are 395€ for two days of talks, food at an amazing event that you will remember for years. Regular tickets will go on sale April 16th for 500€ each.

We also are very happy to announce our next speaker for So Coded 2015: *drummroll*


Anthony Eden

Anthony is the founder of DNSimple and our favorite Erlang/DNS hacker of all times! With DNSimple just turning 5 years old this is our little birthday present for you Anthony :)

Make sure to join Anthony and our other awesome speakers at So Coded to learn more from one of the folks who helps to improve the webs inner workings better every day.

See you in Hamburg!



First Speakers Announced - Early Bird Pricing

Hey fellow Wizards,

we have been busily working over the last weeks to lay the foundation of an awesome So Code 2015. And sure enough our speakers are a corner-stone of your experience. So we are very proud to announce our first three speakers today with more to come over the next weeks.

Without further ado, here they are:

Check out our Speakers page for all the nitty gritty details on our amazing speakers!

Early Monk Tickets available now

To make things even better, we are offering a limited supply of Early Monk Tickets with a hefty 20% discount at 395€. Those tickets are available until April 15th and while supply last. So:

Stay tuned for more updates!


Julia, Ole & Thorben